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An Association of  Single Family Homes in Warrenville, IL

Welcome to Summerlakes

Welcome to Summerlakes HOAWelcome to the official Web Site for Summerlakes Homeowners Association. Summerlakes is a large community of single family homes in Warrenville, IL. This web site provides residents with the latest information about the events and activities of this great community.

The homeowner's association  is run by volunteers.  We have opportunities with varying levels of commitment requirements.

  • Board of Directors
    • Directors are the Association's executives.  The Association statutory officers (President, Secretary, Treasurer) and other officers are selected from among the Directors based on experience.  A Director position can entail as little as 3 hours work per month (but most commit more than that).  Only Owners (those listed on a property deed) are elegible for these positions.
  • Architecture Committee
    • Members of this committee advise the Board on the current and future maintenance needs for the association's common properties. Meetings are held on the last Thursday of
  • Communications
    • We need newsletter and/or website articles!  Do you want to encourage interest and participation in a community project?  Your submissions are welcome and will be evaluated for inclusion.
  • Social
    • Each year we have several social events. Volunteers are always needed to help with the regular events. We're open to new ideas if you'd like to try something else.
    • Community garage sales are held twice a year - May and September
  • Ponds
    • Our ponds and flower beds need our help to stay beautiful.  This requires cleaning up the shore line, cutting back cattails, and general muddy, dirty work.  Its a lot of fun - and the only time you're actually allowed in the pond.
  • Flower Beds 
    • Anyone with a green thumb? Numerous flower beds and praire gardens are located on our common grounds. Help with planting, weeding, mulching, etc. is always welcome.

If you are interested in helping with any of these projects, please Contact Us. Some of these projects could be used for school credit, Eagle Scout\Gold Award projects, or community service requirements.